Meaghers Gold Property (Nova Scotia)


Genius' Meaghers gold property of Genius is located directly WSW of Touquoy Gold Mine own by Atlantic Gold. (Fig.1)

The property is composed of 243 claims covering an area 0f 39.3km² or approximately 20km E-W by 2km N-S. (Fig.2)

Fig. 1

Fig. 2
  • As seen above, Atlantic Gold`s Touquoy open pit mine (557,000oz Au), Beaver Dam (507,900oz Au), Fifteen Mile Stream (686,000oz Au) and Cochrane Hills (474,000oz Au) gold mines are associated with the same weak aeromagnetic anomaly which represents an overturned anticline composed of sedimentary rocks.. (Fig. 3)
Aeromagnetic Survey Map, Showing association between discrete magnetic anomaly and three gold deposits

Presences on the newly staked Genius/Meaghers property of Au-As Prospect, several DDH for Au-Pb-Zn, two abandoned Gold Mine Openings in the vicinity and on strike with the discrete magnetic anomaly associated with Atlantic four Gold Mines let us believe that mineralized zone is still presence on Genius property. The trace of this particular magnetic anomaly is probably hidden by a thicker overburden and/or a deeper mineralized zone. 

Map 4. Aeromagnetic Survey Map with gold deposits and gold prospects gold mine opening, DDH for gold Meagher’s Genius Gold Prospect.