Genius Properties / Cerro de Pasco Resources
Merger Opportunity


On November 9, 2017, Genius, announced a merger agreement with Cerro De Pasco Resources S.A. (′′CDPR ′′) setting out the terms of the transaction which will result into a merger of CDPR. CDR owns 100% of the mineral rights of the El Metalurgista Concession, including the Excelsior Stockpile and Quiulacocha Tailings

  • Cerro de Pasco was one of the largest polymetallic mines in the world.
  • Excelsior Stockpile from the mine contains 104MT of which it is estimated that circa 50Mt could be processed at nearby concentrators Paragsha/San Expedito.


Key documents


 » Listing Statement

GNI_Listing Statement (.pdf) for a Fundamental Change Involving the Acquisition By Genius Properties Ltd. Of Cerro de Pasco Resources S.A., dated June 6, 2018


 » Cerro de Pasco Technical Report


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